Monday, 28 January 2013

Chicken Puffs

An evening tea with puffs has always been bliss! In my hometown,Kannur, there are many confectioneries selling puffs, many variations of it - Chicken puffs, egg puffs, mushroom puffs, vegetable puffs etc.. We used buy ones from a confectionery called Sheen as they had the most flaky puffs and the tastiest too.

While browsing through my friend Rias blog I saw a recipe for chicken puffs. But then I thought its going to be a humongous task and whether I would ever be able complete it. Then one day I finally decided to give it a try. The video tutorial by Michel Richard was the best part,as he explains the rolling process so well so as to get "a thousand layers" as said by Julia Child. Watching the video by itself is a pleasure as it features two people I admire Julia Child and Michel Richard. So following the recipe and rolling to the T I finally got my dough done. Put in some of the Kuttanadan chicken filling and baked. I was standing next to my oven the whole time to see how its going,whether its going wrong or whether its going right! And after baking I cooled them well before cutting the puffs into halves... and.... there were.... A Thousand Layers!!

My husband and I had a good evening snack and the whole time I had a gleeful smile :-)

Recipe Source -
Puff Pastry
3 1⁄2 Cups     All Purpose Flour
1⁄4 Cup         Corn Flour
1⁄2 Tbsp        Salt
1 1⁄4 Cups     Ice Water
454 Grams     Cold Butter

Kuttanadan Chicken Roast
1 Kilogram    Chicken
2 Tbsp          Red Chilli Powder
1⁄2 Tsp        Turmeric Powder
5-6              Onions,Sliced
2                 Tomatoes,Chopped
1 Tbsp          Garam Masala
2 Tbsp          Ginger Garlic Paste
1 1⁄2 Cups    Water
1⁄2 Cup        Ghee
Curry Leaves


Puff Pastry

Whisk the all purpose flour,corn flour and salt together.

Watch Michel Richard in action, making the puff pastry

Add all the water at once and mix till it forms a ball. You can use a food processor for these steps. The dough will be very moist and pliable and will hold together when squeezed between your fingers.

Remove the dough from the machine,form into a ball,and, with a small sharp knife, slash the top in a tic-tac-toe pattern.Wrap the dough in a damp towel and refrigerate for 5 minutes

Meanwhile place the butter between 2 sheets of plastic wrap and beat it with a rolling pin until it flattens into a square that's about 1" thick.Take care that the butter remains cool and firm; if it has softened or become oily, chill it before continuing.

Unwrap the dough and place it on a work surface dusted with all purpose flour.With the rolling pin,press on the dough to flatten it and then roll into a 10" square.Keep the top and bottom of the dough well floured to prevent sticking and lift the dough and move it around frequently.

Starting from the center of the square, roll out over each corner to create a thick center pad with "ears" or flaps. Place the cold butter in the middle of the dough and fold the ears over the butter, stretching them as needed so that they overlap slightly and encase the butter completely

The dough must be cold at all times. If your room is warm and you feel that the butter has softened,wrap the dough with a plastic wrap and chill it.

Flaten the dough with the roller pin into an elongated rectangle,then fold it 1/3. Turn it again roll into an elongated rectangle fold by 1/3 and chill for 30 minutes. Do the same for three times. So that you have rolled the dough 6 times and chilled it thrice.

Pre-heat the oven to 425F/220C and position the rack in the middle.

Dust your work surface with flour, lightly.Cut out a small portion of the puff pastry and roll it out into 1/4" thickness, evenly. Try to keep it in a rectangular or square shape to avoid wastage.

Divide them further into squares using a sharp knife.Keep the filling in the center ,fold over and seal the edges using water. Place the filled pastry on a parchment/butter paper lined baking sheet.

Beat a whole egg and brush lightly on top of the filled pastry and bake for 25-30 mins or till the top is nice and golden. Let it cool slightly as it gets crunchy when it cools.

Kuttanadan Chicken Roast
Put chicken pieces, powders,salt and ginger garlic paste,onions,tomatoes and 3-4 tbsp of oil/ghee into the cooker and give it a mix.
Cook on medium flame for 1 whistle.
Remove the pieces. Reserve the gravy.
Fry the pieces in oil/ghee till lightly browned.Keep aside.
To the reseved gravy,add water and saute till it's dark maroonish brown in colour. Add oil/ghee if necessary.
Add the fried chicken pieces and mix till well coated.


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