Sunday, 10 February 2013

Handmade Name Tag

Having a good name tag on your door is something everyone loves. So did I! But when I went to get one... I was baffled! It was so costly. You are willing to pay for something you know is worth the money. But an obnoxious amount of money for something you know is cheap... Thats a total No No for me. I kept the idea of getting a name tag aside. Then something happened...

Ok you may think Im exaggerating but a Hobby Ideas showroom opened near my home!!!! Before that I had to go all the way from Thane to Malad which is like a 2 hour journey to get simple stuffs like Glass Painting colour or Acrylic colours. My hobby these days are to just wander off to R-Mall,Hobby Ideas! So getting back to the topic... :-) When I went to Hobby Ideas one day I saw a wooden plaque that they had. And that made me thinking that I'll try to make a name tag myself. I wasnt confident at all. Trust me. It was just a "give it a shot" thought. I also bought three packets of Hobby Ideas Shilpkar clay.

Hobby Ideas      - Brown Outliner
Hobby Ideas      - 3D Silver Outliner
Hobby Ideas      - Acrylic Colours
Hobby Ideas      - Shilpkar clay
Hobby Ideas      - Metallic colours
Wooden plaque
Paint brushes


I gave a white base paint for the wooden plaque using white acrylic colour,so that the beige colour of the plaque is not visible.
Mixed brown acrylic colour with white pearl metallic colour(white component being higher) and gave a very light coat on the whole of the plaque. Accentuated the strokes on some parts to give a wooden finish.

 Dabbed the brown outliner along the sides of the plaque with a thin paint brush to get that old worn look.

Combined both the white and grey materials provided in the clay kit. This will give you a greyish white material. This if left for 10 minutes will start solidifying.So keep rolling it every 2 minutes.

Take a little of the mix in your hand and flaten it and roll into petal form. This video will give you an idea on how to make the flowers. I followed the video sans the baking part. You have to make the clay flowers and keep it upright for 45 minutes and the flowers will be set. Had made some vine too as it was a cottage kind of  feel  that I wanted  for the name tag.

The flowers were painted after they dried. Did some shading and then accentuated the edges with a silver 3D liner.

My friend Nielouphar had sent me some of her Pretty Paper Studio products. I still remember going dizzy seeing the collection and not knowing what to do with them,I still am trying to figure out! So here I used the Thickers that she sent me to make the letters on the name tag. 
The top coat of the Thickers were peeled as it was glossy and the paint was not getting absorbed ,then they were given a coat of Shimmer Brown colour and were stuck on the name tag.

And the name tag was placed where it rightfully belongs!! Happy me!!!


  1. Heyy

    The name tag looks great! Gives that perfect cottage look.

    Way to go gurll!


  2. Thanks a ton Gal... Hey you havent come home after I hung this... bad bad bad... Come over Rupz :-)

  3. very neat and nice
    where do you get the wodden plaque from?