Thursday, 7 February 2013

My journey into the wonderland of,Books

My first post about books. 

My dad was always into books, and his choice of books were very broad,from fiction to plays to vedas and upanishads to poems to anything and everything. Even when I was a 5 or 6 year old the bedtime stories he used to tell me was Hamlet,Merchant of Venice,Panchatantra etc which I used to listen to and try picturing it in my mind. I stared my schooling when I was in the second standard,ok... I'll get back to that story later! :-) So yes,after I started my schooling the longest holidays were during the summer,a 2 month long summer holidays. And thats when I started my journey into the wonderland of-books! Dad and Amma decided to give me three books and I was supposed to read them and narrate the stories to my parents. Those three books were Sleeping Beauty,The Little Red Riding Hood and Alibaba and the Forty Thieves! I remember myself not liking the idea of reading and asking my cousin Rejuleachi to read them for me,which she used to decline sweetly saying those are my books and I will enjoy reading them. And sure I did,once I got used to the habit. 

From then on during every summer holidays Dad and Amma used to give me a set of books to read and tell them the story. I dont remember all of those books, some of them were Black Beauty, The Tale of Two Cities,etc. Of which I remember loving Black Beauty and wishing I had a horse for myself :-)  I couldnt grasp the Tale of Two Cities in entirety,because it was so vast and with intricate details.

My friends played a huge part in my choice and range of books. My friend Vandhana used to gift her Christmas friends with books,than the usual chocolates or ceramic dolls. I admire her thoughtfulness at that tender age. She had gifted me with one of the Famous Five books and Treasure Island. I read them and then started my liking for adventure and sleuthing!Nancy Drew,Famous Five,Five Findouters,Secret Seven,Hardy Boys etc... My friend Lakshmi and I used to literally compete with each other in reading books during the 8th standard. We used to have this rule of one book a week in the library. Lakshmi and I would have finished reading that book in a day. Then would start the process of asking others to lend us their books. So she would secretly ask some and I would do the same. It used to be like some election canvasing,when I think of it.What Fun!!! I guess we finished reading all the adventure series books at school. Saira another friend of mine is the one who introduced me to the Harry Potter series and I'll be indebted to her for life ,hi hi!!! Thats my most favourite series of books! Then Rupini and Arathi for introducing me to the Twilight saga,eventhough we three got fed up of it pretty soon !!

Books play a pivotal role in moulding children and their thought process. I may sound like a granny here but I dont find children being encouraged to read these days! And you can neither blame the parents nor the kids for that..! Kids have enough of work load as it is and parents are tied up with either work pressure or single handedly managing the household. But then what would give the child the free hand for his/her imaginations to run wild? For them to enjoy the good old Enid Blyton and Charles Dickens? For them to make their own mystery cases and solve it? For them to imagine the old countryside and the aroma of freshly baked muffins? For them to preserve their innocence.......? Maybe I belong to another generation! Maybe Im already an oldie in eyes of the new generation :-) But all said, I cant but help to quote Grouncho Marx “Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.”

Let us encourage children to read , atleast in a small way. Let us put in a serious effort to inculcate that nature in them! They will thank us for it in the future,if not now; the way Im so thankful to my parents and my friends! 


  1. Hey!

    That was penned down in a very nice way! Reading a book definitely transports us to a totally different world ! When i think of some of my favourites when i was in school, its got to be Famous Five and Malory Towers. Somehow i couldnt get myself to read Harry Potter, but looking at the movies, i can only see the web of imagination & attributes layered around that one character and how detailed the book must have been. One of my favourites also include Archer's Kane and Abel..and thanks to you, we got our very own autographed book! :D...Annnd ofcourse Twilight hehe! what a rage the series were..Have not been reading much lately, gotta start it soon!

    Nice one!
    Rup :)

    1. Hey Rupz,

      Thanks a lot for your comments!! What you said is so true,reading totally transports us into a different world,weaved with imaginations and fantasies! You have to read the HP series Rup because she has written it with intricate details. Kane and Abel is sucha fantastic book and we getting the books autographed from Jeffrey Archer himself was so awesome right! I have to start reading too... These days its more of a repetition,reading what I had read before! Thanks gal,thanks a lot for stopping by!

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  3. That was a thoughtful write-up Lejna.
    Thank you for the mention da..he he. :-))

    When these books are turned into movies, I always feel that it loses its charm. While reading books we create that whole world in our mind..complete with every tiny detail & scene.
    I just love being in libraries & book stores. Guess it all started in school..our dusty old library above the principal's room where we used to rummage for books. I remember us doing some manipulation while distributing the library books while in 8th, to get the most interesting ones. We were the ones who used to carry it over from the library na..he he !! :-)
    You reminded me of the food & picnics in Enid Blyton books. I was always fascinated with the food the Famous five packed on their trips & the Secret Seven had for their meetings !! :-) No wonder I'm sitting & scouring through food blogs now !! :-P

    1. My post about books and you not featuring in it.... nahiiii!!! Ha ha ha...But seriously Lakshmi we had a real good time along with books. Its when you said that I remember that library above the pricipals room, I used to always think o the new block library.. That old library was sooo vintage... ha ha ha you may contradict me but I used to love that musty smell in that library,even the books had that smell. Yes we used to do all golmaal during the distribution as we were at the liberty to do so being the Class leader and Captain... :-) Beautiful days!! 8th standard is my most favourite phase of life.

      Im still in love with London,head over heels reading Enid Blyton and the charm of the old countryside. I tell Chandru that a month in my life I want to stay in one of those cottages! Thanks a lot for bringing back a lot of beautiful memories Lakshmi!!! Thank you!

  4. Hey lej.. Guess what.. i was supposed to study for my upcoming qualifying exam and here i'm writing a comment on ur oorga of randomness.... oorga's are tempting you know.. your write up is a kind of reflection of my own life.. many might feel that too.. Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew..then Harry Potter and as Lakshmi said it.. the food.. i used to get really fascinated by it. ginger breads, pies, sandwitches, tarts, puddings, garlic breads, sugar candys, candied apple, moon cakes... and that's were i get my food connection, the inspiration to my baking experiments. Back then we dint have an oven and neither did i ever get into the kitchen which was under my mom's control. Now I miss reading a lot.. especially after Daggu was born, though I get to read text books and research paper and reviews which never take your imagination out of your workstation. The fun of visualising the things we read is awesome and some stay with you the whole life.. See lej, how we have all graduated from fairy tales to Enid Blytons to classics.
    PS: Have you read Shantaram?..

    1. Hey Tanu... So so so sorry to have replied so late... Didnt see this comment and that too such a detailed one! What you said is so true, reading Enid Blyton and the rest really took our imagination to another level... I started reading a set of Secret Seven just for the food description... :-) It would just be a lemonade but the way Blyton describes it makes you go bonkers!! You have a reason to abstain from or keep aside reading,your research.. Me,I have not been reading much... The last one that I read was Scarlet Pimpernel... It was beautiful,do try reading it. I have seen Shantaram books,is it good? Do tell me which one you liked the most I'll try reading that. Thanks a lot for your comment. Do keep visiting and trying out my Oorga :-)